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Youth Programs & Iniatives


Young people need to know that there are concerned adults who care about them now and in the future.  The programs highlighted below aim to make a difference and guide the youth in a positive direction.  We believe that being proactive and innovative makes a huge difference in working and nuturing our youth.  By accomplishing the above definitely impacts any communities well being.  Our HELP Program and HELP Too programs are matchless to any other that we are familiar with throughout the department and community.  Our goal is to incorporate our programs throughout the city...JOIN US IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE!



“Real change comes from the people who are most affected".



Once a year we hold a Precinct open house and recruitment day for our Explorers.  This enables youth residents and their parents to meet the police personnel that service the community as well as familiarize themselves with the facility and the everyday functions of the precinct.  The date for this next year’s event will be published at a later time.  If interested you can contact the Youth Office at 718-636-6569.


2.       LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPLORERS:   Law Enforcement Explorers is a program of Learning for Life that takes place in police facilities and is jointly administered with the Youth Division of DCCA. The program is designed to educate young men and women, ages 14-20, about Law Enforcement. A uniformed member of the service in each precinct, Police Service Area and Transit District volunteers to be the on-site Post Advisor for the Explorer Program. The program focuses on six experience areas: career, service, leadership, social, fitness and outdoors. In addition, the Explorers Program encourages young people to pursue a law enforcement career.  For additional information contact: Youth Officers Nicholas Santos or Christine St. Claire at 718 636-6569.  Post 2188 meets at: 88th Precinct, 298 Classon Avenue (Between Dekalb & Lafayette Avenues) Brooklyn, New York 11205 every Friday at 4:00 PM.


Must be between the ages of 14 and 20 years old;

Must not have a serious arrest record;

Must pass an oral interview and a background investigation;

Must maintain a "C" grade average or higher in school; and

Must be in good physical condition.

3.       H.E.L.P. Program   



The HELP program is geared to promote and encourage our youth to seek alternatives to violence, gang and drugs.  With half the population in the 88th Precinct Community under 21, juvenile truancy, gang activity, juvenile crime and drug usage is a significant problem. The H.E.L.P. Program is determined to curb juvenile truancy, juvenile crime(s), and gang activity and drug usage by teaching and developing the youth’s self discipline, social and leadership skills.   


The objective of the H.E.L.P. Phase I boot camp is to teach the participants’ self-discipline, gang and drug abstinence, conflict resolution, career development and positive social skills.  Moreover, the boot camp participants will be nurtured and mentored by positive role models they can relate to from their social environment.


The HELP program’s staff wants boot camp participants to know that there are concerned adults who care about them now and in the future.  H.E.L.P. staff members aim to make a difference and guide them in a positive direction.  This program is in collaboration with the 88th Precinct Community & Youth Council, Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, the Army National Guard Counter Drug Task Force and the Department of Corrections, along with a host of community participants.  Once participants graduate Phase I (boot camp) of the program they go on to being Explorers in Post 2188. 


4.       SUMMER YOUTH 6-WEEK PROGRAM:    (Pending funding and resources) 

The Youth Summer program provides a safe haven for youth in and around the community.  Our program is geared to promote and encourage our youth to engage in community involvement and voluntarism while at the same time developing leadership, social, and life skills.  Moreover, our program advocates positive social interactions and youth development by addressing current youth issues, i.e., substance abuse, violence, health education, self-esteem, and   gang abstinence.


The summer youth participate in A* and B**trips, swimming, tennis clinics, sporting activities, goal-setting skills, literacy development, conflict resolution and life-affirming skills. Youth and Police forums are held to facilitate better interaction and communications between our youth and police.


 Our locations for the Precinct Youth Summer Program vary from year to year.  Monday thru Thursday from 0830 hrs. to 1530 hrs.  Children ages 7 to 13 years are eligible to participate in this program. Breakfast is served at 0730hrs and lunch at 1230hrs.  At the start of the summer program parents and youth are provided a copy of our policies, regulations, and schedule. 


5.       YOUTH AND SENIOR DAY:   Twice a month the youth, community and officers of the precinct spend two hours a week together interacting, i.e., engage in quite game actives, talk about various topics, and have field trips.  We attend senior special events as well. This particular program keeps us grounded because the seniors tell you what they think and feel without reservations.


6.       YOUTH COUNSEL WORKSHOP – BUILDING SELF ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE:  Our program is geared to promote and encourage our youth with community involvement and voluntarism as it develops leadership, social, and life skills.  Furthermore, our program promotes positive social interactions and youth development by addressing current youth issues, i.e., substance abuse, violence, health promotion, improve self-esteem, and decrease the risk of gang involvement.  Learn how to build self-esteem, confidence, and building career skills, improve grades in school, and develop good study habits and social skills. 


7.       HELP Too (Helping Encourage Leadership Potential Too) is a program that will Nurture Young Women from middle school to college; this initiative specifically focuses on non-traditional fields.  This program is geared to promote and encourage our female youth with alternatives.  We are targeting young women who may be at risk.  Moreover, our program promotes positive social interactions and youth development by addressing current youth issues with those who may be interested in non-traditional work related fields.   


 DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM:  Our program promotes positive social interactions and female youth development by addressing current youth issues, i.e., improve self-esteem, decrease the risk of peer/gang involvement; improve and demonstrate goal-setting skills, substance abuse; violence, health promotion, healthy communities, emergency preparedness, and early parenthood.  In addition, decrease violent and other inappropriate behavior, improve conflict resolution and other life-affirming skills, increase positive communications with the youth, decrease truancy, improve reading and writing, teach the importance of volunteerism, and offer non-traditional alternatives. 


PROGRAM TARGET GROUP:  Young women who may be at risk, truants, gang interested or affiliates, troubled juveniles without extra curriculum activities and female youth who may be interested in non-traditional work related fields from the middle school level through college.  


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NYPD Honors City Teens For Completing 88th Pct. HELP Program

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