88th Precinct Community Council

Community and NY Police Department working together!


N.Y. National Guard Counterdrug Task Force 



88th Precinct HELP Program Coordinators,


A community and its children are most successful when families, schools,

and the community work together toward the common goal of providing a

safe, respectful, supportive learning environment. Drug, alcohol, and tobacco

use all interfere with that common goal.


Each year millions of children are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, either

through media influences, societal pressures or personal experiences. Our goal is

to better prepare and equip our young people today to face that inevitable exposure

through the Stay on Track (SOT) Program.


The National Guard, in support of the Office of National Drug Control, will soon

implement the Stay on Track program in the July 2010 HELP Program. This

innovative, new drug prevention program educates middle school students throughout 

the United States and provides them with the ability to make better choices regarding

difficult life decisions. To date, more than 46,000 middle students have successfully

completed the program. This program was selected because it equips children with the

essential tools needed to shape and solidify their decisions when it counts-after they

leave the classroom.


The cost free Stay on Track program is a measurable 12 lesson program. Students

enrolled in the program focus on:


Health Education

Decision Making and Goal Setting


Media Influences


For detailed information on Stay on Track visit www.stayontrack-online.com

We appreciate the opportunity to bring this program to your children during the most

important years of their lives. Teamwork and cooperation are the keys to the success of

our children, families, and communities.



Timothy Turane DPE