88th Precinct Community Council

Community and NY Police Department working together!

88th Precinct Profile



Captain Lashonda Dyce

    Captain Lashonda Dyce, 

      Commanding Officer    


       Crime Statistics  
       298 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11205-4301
       (718) 636-6511

The 88th Precinct is located in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. The area is primarily residential with the bulk of the industrial activity located inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The major commercial areas are along Myrtle Avenue, Fulton Street, Flatbush Avenue and include the Atlantic Center Shopping Complex.

Contact Information

Precinct: (718) 636-6511
Community Affairs: (718) 636-6526
Community Policing: (718) 636-6553
Crime Prevention: (718) 636-6566
Domestic Violence: (718) 636-7227
Youth Officer: (718) 636-6522
Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 636-7373
Detective Squad: (718) 636-6547

Community Council

President and Youth Executive Director: Delia Hunley-Adossa (Dee)
Vice President: John Harrison
Treasurer : Eileen Warner
Secretary: Antoinette Blankinship
Sergeant At Arms: Lee Church 

Meetings: The Precinct Community Council meets every third Tuesday of every month location varies Meeting time is 7 p.m.