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NYPD Chief With Long History in Borough Takes Helm of Brooklyn North

An NYPD chief with a long history of patrolling Brooklyn streets is now taking on a top job in the borough. NY1s Dean Meminger filed the following report.

On Tuesday, Jeffrey Maddrey became a two-star chief, part of upper management at the NYPD. 

"I feel very blessed. I am excited and happy that the leadership believes in me and believes in my ability. And I am not going to let them down, said Chief Jeffrey Maddrey.

And he knows he has an important role to play. He's been tapped to be commanding officer of Brooklyn North, an area that has some of the city's toughest neighborhoods, like Brownsville and East New York.

It's drawn renewed attention, shootings are up 20 percent this year citywide and many have occurred in Brooklyn North.

"Brooklyn North is a very busy borough, very important borough.  And I am going to give it a lot of leadership and a lot of community engagement. And we're going to earn the respect of the residents of Brooklyn North, this whole city, said Maddrey.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says he wants extra attention paid to problem areas, and that of course includes Maddrey's new turf.

"We have an increase this year in shootings and we have an increase in homicides. Shootings are principally located in Brooklyn, the Bronx, said Bratton.

Maddrey is no stranger to patrolling Brooklyn, he's worked in many precincts across the borough. Most recently he was the 2nd in charge of Brooklyn South. And he knows the dangers residents and officers face. He was the 75th precinct commander in 2011, when Officer Peter Figoski was shot in the face and killed responding to a 9-1-1 call, which turned out to be gunmen robbing a marijuana dealer.  Figoski's parents turned out to congratulate Chief Maddrey on his promotion.

"His family is my family. Pete was a part of my family, my 75th precinct. It always sits with me, said Maddrey.

When the former commander of Brooklyn North retired last month, he embraced Maddrey and encouraged everyone to support the new commander in a role that will have its ups and downs.