88th Precinct Community Council

Community and NY Police Department working together!

Our 88th Precinct Executive Board and NYPD Staff


88th Precinct Community Council, Executive Board - 2022

Delia M. Hunley-Adossa  (Dee)   

President, 88th Pct. Council & Youth Executive Director


John Harrison

Vice President, 88th Pct. Council


Eileen Warner

Treasurer, 88th Pct. Council


Antoinette Blankinship

Secretary, 88th Pct. Council



Lee Church




Youth Committee

Saadia Z. Adossa   Youth Committee

NYPD 88th Precinct 


Commanding Officer, Captain Ryon N. Malcolm


Executive Officer, Captain Stephen Sperrazza


Lieutenant John Belestriere, Special Operations


Sergeant Cruz, NCO


Det. Andrene Sargeant, Community Affairs


P.O. Christopher Kinney, Community Affairs


P.O. Justin Torres, Youth Officers


P.O. Evita Poole, Crime Prevention


P.O. Dempster, Auxiliary Coordinator