88th Precinct Community Council

Community and NY Police Department working together!


  “Working Together Works     



Message From:   Delia Hunley-Adossa, President     


            I feel that serving, as a Precinct Council President is one of the most challenging and rewarding of volunteer assignments. While appointment or elected to a board is an honor, board executives have important responsibilities that require a commitment of time, skill, and resources.

            I believe that there are four (4) essential tasks of an effective Executive Board leader.  They are as follows:

  1.        Vision (planning) -- The Executive Board, on behalf of and with extensive participation by the members, envisions the community’s future by building partnerships and recruiting additional members.

  2.        Structure (policy making) -- To achieve its vision, the Executive Board establishes a structure and creates an environment designed to ensure that all members have the opportunity to attain their maximum potential through sound organized framework.

  3.        Accountability (evaluate the implementation of policy) -- Because the Executive Board is accountable to the community, it causes the continuous assessment of all conditions affecting the community. 

  4.        Advocacy (communication) -- The Executive Board serves as a key advocate on behalf of the community in order to advance the community’s vision for its future, pursue its goals, encourage progress, energize systemic change, and work with all parties involved.  

            We in the 88th Precinct Community and Youth Council are certain that “Working Together Works” we do not just say this…we believe in collaborating.  Precinct Community Councils are an essential example of combined neighborhood efforts that are vital to having successful police/community relations.  Our Community Council meetings have been effective.  We collectively are building relationships within our neighborhood. 

We provide organizational support, youth support, NYPD support, encourage community involvement in public safety issues, quality of life conditions, promote awareness of law enforcement efforts, identify resources and foster community leadership when necessary. We strive towards empowerment and the development of a caring community, as well as, a caring 88th Precinct.  Clearly, security, public safety, and quality of life concerns for our community are not so insurmountable if we keep the channels of communication open.  Our objective is to actively pursue ever-improving quality through programs and open dialogue that enables the community and the police department to work together good-naturedly.

            During my tenure as Precinct Council President and Youth Executive Director in the 88th, I have attempted to demonstrate a willingness to listen to others, keep an open mind, disclose myself to others in a receptive professional fashion, publicly support decisions of the Executive Board, all Council Members and the 88th Precinct while adhering to a code of ethics that guides my behavior.  I am fortunate to have had this experience and look forward to serving my community until my term is completed.   I take much pride in this assignment and thank the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Community and the 88th Precinct for allowing me the opportunity to serve them.